Reach - Promote - Engage - Retain

Reach, connect with your customer base like never before. Manage your team, marketing, and in-store payments—all in one easy app. Your business is your business—we’re just here to help!

Connect to your community.

We’ll get your business in front of the curious crowd that uses our Veea app. Connect with your community, get real-time feedback from customers and build an authentic, loyal fan base.

Inform your audience.

Having a snow day? Shutting down to fix a leak? Your dynamic profile lets your customers know what’s up.

Effortless marketing.

Use SmartTarget to create special promotions that always reach the right audiences.

Sync with your team.

No more jumping from text to messenger to call to confirm shifts. Team Chat lets you do it all from the comfort of one handy app.

Anytime, anywhere payments.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. VeeaPay has everything you need to accept on-the-go card and mobile payments with a simple standard rate.

Get that juicy intel.

Learn what customers enjoy, which promotions do best… you get the (full) picture! Leverage your data to make your business even better.

Collaborate with Veea.

We’ll always be here to answer your questions. You’ll also gain access to our network of businesses and consumers committed to their success.

Get your business on VeeaConnect.

We’ll do amazing things together! Download our app here.

About Us

We’re the people behind Veea, a community-powered app that lets users and local businesses connect like never before. We created VeeaConnect for Business to cater to our local business partners, because they deserve the same technical tools, marketing support, and TLC that the bigwigs get.